Breakfast in bed: 06 recipes to surprise

Receiving or offering breakfast in bed is an amazing experience, isn’t it? That’s why we’ve brought you easy and practical tips on how to serve and 06 different ideas to offer a special meal and surprise who you love.
That breakfast is the most important meal of the day, everyone already knows, right? But the moment can get even better, for that, just surprise someone or be surprised with a delicious coffee in bed.
It is at this point that creativity cannot be lacking. You can offer a tray with healthy delicacies, fruits, eggs, yogurts, hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, pancakes, cookies and even a different option to celebrate a special occasion.
Making a surprise like this may seem difficult, but it’s not, and we’re going to show you how to rock the time of pleasing your loved ones with a full meal. See now how to prepare and serve a meal in bed and check out amazing suggestions that will make the moment even more special.
How to prepare breakfast in bed?
Provide a firm tray to take the coffee to bed and remember that this is a more relaxed place and also not very firm, so avoid teapots, bottles or other very heavy items that could tip over and cause minor accidents.
There are even specific materials with supports and handles that facilitate balance and support the weight of food and drinks, avoiding inconvenience. When choosing, give preference to more resistant materials and with ample space to be able to serve everything you want and also decorate with tranquility.
Remember to put small portions, after all, the goal is to serve a maximum of two people – small amounts make it easier to carry the tray to bed and make the visual aspect more interesting.
Bet on decorations that do not influence food, especially in situations of commemorative dates, small natural flower arrangements, cards or small balloons can be great tips.
Combine the plates, glasses, cups and cutlery that will be used to compose breakfast and don’t forget to include the napkins.
06 breakfast ideas
Now that you know how to prepare and serve this meal, it’s time to get to know some different types of presentation and combos to create this special moment. Check it out!

  1. Romantic breakfast
    If the idea is to be romantic, don’t forget the natural flowers and the choice of drinks and food, ok? It is worth investing in glasses for juice or even offering champagne, if the occasion calls for it.
    On the tray, assemble a cold board, place:
    ham slices;
    cubed mozzarella and Minas cheeses;
    small cubes of guava;
    peanut butter;
    fine herb pate; and
    complete with grapes, strawberries and kiwi slices.
    To drink, don’t forget the coffee, which can be served in cappuccino or traditional format, two other tasty options are natural juices and yogurt.
  2. American breakfast
    You’ve probably heard about the famous American coffee, haven’t you? Surprising someone with this option can be amazing, besides, the preparation is not difficult at all, just prepare scrambled eggs with a little milk and salt, add bread sealed in butter, fried bacon slices, roasted sausages and, to finish, a delicious natural orange juice.
    The caffeinated drink is up to you, as many Americans prefer juices and chocolate drinks over coffee itself.
  3. Healthy
    Here, it is possible to vary the healthy food options, such as Minas cheese, slices of turkey breast or, even, perfect the recipe for omelets with vegetables, a good example is the broccoli omelet, healthy, nutritious and very delicious.
    It goes well with traditional drinks or less sweet compositions, such as orange juice, pineapple with mint or tangerine.
  4. Tropical
    When in doubt about what to offer, always use the fruit trick, as they are versatile and tasty – despite looking simple, but when in harmony with each other, they form an explosion of flavors and make any moment even more delicious.
    Bet on different cuts to surprise, it is even worth looking for tutorials on the internet to improve the presentation of the tray. In addition, it is possible to offer other items along with fruits, such as yogurts, creams, Dulce de lecher, melted chocolate, granola, almonds, chestnuts and whipped cream.
    Finally, bet on different juices, such as watermelon, kiwi, papaya with orange and strawberry, remember that smoothies are also great options.
  5. Gluten free
    To surprise someone with dietary restrictions, be sure to prepare some special recipes, such as banana pancakes, gluten-free cakes, pies and, of course, bread-free sandwiches that can be served with the help of toothpicks in order to structure the items in the combination.
    Drinks can be varied, from chocolate drinks, cappuccino, juices and yogurts, the important thing is to match the food served and not have gluten in the composition of the ingredients.
  6. Lactose and sugar free
    This particular mission may seem difficult, but it’s not! There are numerous recipes available on the internet for lactose -free and sugar-free dishes or even cakes, the most traditional ones take eggs, ripe banana and cooking oil, and you can create a smaller pancake with a more intense flavor or a delicious mug cake.
    Both combine with honey, other fruits, granolas and nuts and can be consumed with black coffee or natural juices.

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