Greek barbecue: what is it and how to prepare it

Find out what Greek barbecue is, how it’s made, and how it can be sold by setting up a Greek barbecue skewer correctly.
There are two popular versions of Greek barbecue out there and both are roasted on a special grill, which holds the meat upright, rotating slowly to cook it through.
The two versions have the same construction, but the difference is that one has the assembly made by layers of vegetables interspersing the slices of meat.
The other, in turn, is composed only of thin strips of meat mounted directly on the skewer, one on top of the other, forming a mountain.
If you are curious about this dish, you should know that it is easy to find it on the streets of São Paulo and other cities in the surroundings, where the traffic of people flows quickly and, therefore, they choose to eat something practical, tasty and substitute a traditional meal.
What is Greek Barbecue?
Also known as kebab, the dish is made with beef, seasoned, cut into thin slices and mounted one on top of the other, with or without vegetables or other side dishes between the slices.
The barbecue is roasted on a special grill, which holds the skewer vertically and moves slowly so that the meat is completely cooked inside and out.
However, this does not prevent the meat from being roasted in other types of grills and, for this to be possible, it is enough to tie the pieces together so that it does not fall apart.
The meat after roasting must be cut in a special way, from top to bottom, respecting the assembly so that after a few cuts there is no risk of the barbecue coming off the skewer.
It is important to emphasize that the difference between Greek and traditional barbecue is due to the preparation and especially the way of consuming it.
The Greek is cut on an aluminum plate and served in a container that allows for quick consumption, without any garnish. The meat point is also usually more done.
It can still be sold inside the bread: the famous Greek barbecue sandwich, easy to find in any corner of SP.
How to make greek barbecue?
First, it is necessary to choose a soft meat, with little fat, with the most suitable cuts being the soft drumstick, the flank steak and the sirloin.
Then the meat is sliced ​​and seasoned with natural products , in addition to salt and black pepper. You can then grill it.
But that’s not all: the method of preparation is not difficult – it’s even quite simple! -, but it is possible to season the skewer and prepare it in order to increase the final flavor of the meat.
See the step by step!
Clean the skewer and dry it well.
Layer the sliced ​​and seasoned meat, alternating with the sliced ​​onions.
Leave the meat and onion skewered to marinate for the seasoning to set.
If you want to increase the flavor, prepare a sauce based on lemon juice, minced garlic, parsley and chimichurri, then just water the skewer and food.
Allow to marinate for about 30 minutes.
Then wrap the entire contents in aluminum foil and take it to the grill.
Attention! If your grill is not vertical, tie the meat tightly to the skewer using a cord string that can be exposed to high temperatures.
Then cover with aluminum foil and take it to the common grill, always taking care that the meat does not fall off the skewer.
When assembling, remember to leave the pieces with more fat, if any, at the end of the skewer. This way, the fat flows through the rest of the meat, leaving the barbecue juicy and tender.
As the meat starts roasting from the outside in, it is important not to leave the barbecue on high heat for too long. Check often and as soon as you see that the outside is done, start serving.
The secret of this dish is exactly that, serving meat flakes on the outside, while the inside continues to bake, so the meat stays hot longer and can be enjoyed slowly.
Best greekbbq meats
Greek barbecue has many variations as it is adaptable to each region. The traditional one, however, is composed of beef, such as:
soft thigh;
sirloin steak;
rump steak;
duckling; or
In other regions, beef can be substituted for pork, with pieces of loin, ham, breast and pork sirloin.
But be careful when making this exchange, as it is necessary and very important that the pork is well roasted for consumption, since when raw it presents harmful bacteria and microorganisms to the human body.
Another option is to alternate the beef with chicken slices, which must be clean and free of skins and bones that could compromise the final result, making it difficult to assemble on the skewer.
Regardless of which meat you choose, remember to stick to the main feature of Greek barbecue: cutting the pieces of meat into thin, long slices.
Now that you know how to prepare it, here’s how to sell this dish and make an extra monthly income.

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