How to propagate roses very easily using toilet paper

How to propagate roses very easily using toilet paper
1. Gather Your Materials:
Fresh rose cuttings
Plain, white toilet paper
Rooting hormone (optional)
Small pots or containers with potting mix
2. Prepare the Cuttings:
Take 6-8 inch cuttings from healthy rose stems.
Remove lower leaves and flowers.
3. Optional Rooting Hormone:
Dip cut ends in rooting hormone if desired.
4. Wrap in Toilet Paper:
Dampen toilet paper, wrap cuttings tightly.
5. Secure and Plant:
Secure ends of toilet paper with twist ties or rubber bands.
Plant wrapped cuttings in pots with moistened potting mix.
6. Care and Monitoring:
Keep soil moist, check for root development regularly.
7. Transplanting:
Once roots form, transplant into larger pots or garden.
8. Provide Ongoing Care:
Water, provide sunlight, protect from pests and extreme temperatures.
By following these steps, you can easily propagate roses using toilet paper and enjoy the satisfaction of growing new plants in your garden.

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