How to make chocolate cake

Eating chocolate cake reminds us of childhood, doesn’t it? A soft, simple cake with ganache frosting, creamy filling and strawberries, a real explosion of flavor. Learn now how to prepare the recipe.
There are handmade chocolate cake recipes, others exclusively in the mixer, some, like the ones we brought, are prepared with the help of a blender.
This is one of the most versatile cakes in gastronomy, as it can be served on many occasions, including as a dessert, in addition to having the same versatility in terms of number of recipes.
That is, there are thousands of different ways to prepare such a cake.
Regardless of which recipe you follow, the result is always very similar: an explosion of flavor.
After all, a recipe that takes chocolate can’t go bad, right?
How to make chocolate cake?
Some say that there are many secrets to preparing a chocolate cake, but the truth is that you just need to have the recipe in hand and some tips for the magic to happen.
Among the most shared tips on the internet is perforating the dough after baking with a fork so that the chosen syrup penetrates the cake, making it wetter.
Another important tip that can interfere with the result is sifting the flour and all powder content. By sifting the dry ingredients, the dough gains a fluffier consistency and the cake rises evenly.
That said, check out our simple, practical chocolate cake recipe with strawberry filling and ganache frosting.
Chocolate Cake Blender
Simple chocolate cake ingredients
4 eggs
2 tablespoons of yeast
2 tablespoons of butter
4 tablespoons of powdered chocolate
2 cups of sugar
3 cups of wheat flour
1 cup of milk
Chocolate Cake Filling Ingredients
1 can of condensed milk
1 box of strawberries, cut into cubes
1 tablespoon of margarine
Ingredients for frosting chocolate cake with ganache
¾ cup fresh cream
200g semisweet chocolate, cubed to melt faster
Chocolate cake preparation method
Add the eggs, cocoa powder, flour, butter, milk and sugar to a blender. Beat for approximately 5 minutes.
Then, for the chocolate cake to be creamy and soft in appearance, mix in the yeast and stir slowly with a spatula until the ingredient is well incorporated into the dough.
In a high and greased shape, pour the dough and take it to the preheated oven at 180º C for about 40 minutes.
Check the oven time with a knife or a toothpick. To do this, dip the object in the dough and check the point, ideally, the knife or toothpick comes out clean after inserting the dough.
Filling preparation method
To fill the chocolate cake with strawberries, you need to put the margarine to melt in a small pan, mix the condensed milk and let it bubble.
Then, turn off the heat and mix the chopped strawberries into the cream.
Coverage preparation method
Melt the semisweet chocolate in a bain-marie, with the help of a pan with boiling water and a glass or stainless steel bowl.
Remember that the bowl with the chocolate already chopped into small pieces must not touch the boiling water. The chocolate should only melt with steam, using the same technique used to make fondue.
Once the chocolate is completely melted, mix the cream until it forms a homogeneous cream.
Then let it cool and put it in the fridge for 10 minutes. The ganache needs to be completely cold to be added to the cake, however, care must be taken so that it does not harden to the point of turning into a mousse.
Recipe for mug fit chocolate cake
The chocolate mug cake recipe is even easier, as the amount of ingredients is reduced and the baking time is considerably shorter.
Check out the fit and gluten-free version of the chocolate cake and enjoy!
Preparation time: 3 minutes
Yield: 1 serving
1 small egg
2 tablespoons of oil
1 heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder
4 tablespoons of milk
4 heaping tablespoons of oat bran
2 tablespoons (soup) light sugar
1 teaspoon (heaping) baking powder
Preparation mode
In a large cup, beat the egg well with a fork.
Then, mix the oil, cocoa, milk, oat bran and sugar and mix well until a homogeneous mass is formed.
Lastly, stir in the baking powder.
Place the mug in the microwave on full power and bake for 3 minutes.

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